Summer 2010

Have you ever left for vacation with the intention of not working and then WHAM! You get hit with more work (and when I say hit, I mean Blessed!) than you could have ever imagined. Well that was my summer...Summer 2010 started out as a trip to go assist with my mom's surgery/recovery. Inside of that 31 day window I traveled not only 1500 plus miles and 35 hours round trip in a car with three kids, but met and had the pleasure of photographing 15 different families. That is on average 2 per day during my time away! It was wonderful, stressful and some of the best work I have to date. There is something that happens when you grieve or have fear of losing your mother, a side of courage comes out and low and behold our strengths manifest themselves into something beautiful. Here are some of my favorites from the summer twenty-ten collection!!


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