*please note, none of these photographs in this post were taken by SMP-please refer to watermarks to give proper credit*

I think I have lost my mind. I want another baby..... LOL...Okay, just kidding, four is enough, I swear! See what I really want is to smell their little heads and listen to their little baby noises and then when they poop, hand them back! LOL. I am most certain that my baby days are not over, not over in photography that is. I think this is an area I want to branch out in more. Newborn photography is so different than what I do in my normal work day. I have been researching a lot of the new styles and ideas behind newborn photography. I am NOT a backdrop kind of girl and it shows in all my work. So indoor non-studio type photography is exciting for me.

So I have decided I am in love with these hats. I have solicited the help of some facebook friends to see if anyone out there in my network of people, had a granny that taught them how to crochet. I may be better off just buying a few here and there, but OH MY much fun are these?! Can I get forty please?!!


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