Uninhibited Emotion

There is such a quiet power in the uninhibited raw emotion of a child. I find often that when I am chasing "my moving targets", those are the expressions I am looking for the most. I truly love that children don't know how to fake it! Sure, sometimes those cheesy grins are the hardest habits to break in all our precious 4 and 5 year old's, but behind all that wholly swiss, is an intense heartfelt stare that takes every mother's breath away. These portraits shown here are truly some of my most favorites....

An Inexhaustible Love - The Helms Family

It was about two weeks ago. It was raining. It was early-early on a Saturday morning. My girlfriend, Aubrey and I were out garage-saling-it (if saling is really a word, lol) and we came across a sale that we thought the family running it was just as crazy as we were for being out in the pouring rain....until we walked up and saw why they listed it as RAIN OR SHINE! Now if I may, I need to back up a moment... the gentleman running it with his wife walked down to the truck with an umbrella and walked us both back up to their garage so that we could shop DRY!! Now that is customer service!!! Okay, back on track. So this family is having a garage sale in the rain to help raise money to adopt a baby from Ethiopia. "Wow", I thought. They immediately touched my heart. I wanted to see what I could find so I could help donate to a beautiful cause. I bought three picture frames (of course!) and I think a cooler bag, I don't even remember now, but I just had this tugging feeling that I should do more. The idea touched my heart that maybe I could offer to do family photos for them once baby-boy comes home, but I wasn't sure if they'd think that was "weird". Some girl, in the rain, offering to take their photos!! Ha! she may have swallowed too much rain water!

Joshua, Hilary & Jude
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Well, they did not think it was weird at all.  Hilary and Joshua contacted me through my website almost immediately and I was just truly touched by their sweet words of affirmation in regards to my work. I called them the next day and immediately scheduled their session for their family photos to be accompanied with their dossier. What a wonderful experience and from my end...looking through the lens... I saw a family whose love is truly Inexhaustible!!  Meet The Helms Family.... Joshua, Hilary and Jude.

Just in!

8x8 Storyboard Collage Gallery Mount

Sooo excited to offer this beautiful new product. Storyboards are a very popular way to take several photos from one session and tell a story with each little expression and emotion. These new Gallery Mounts offer a beautiful way to display your treasured memories and are often cheaper than actual framing! Shown here is an 8x8 custom storyboard collage on a white 3/8' beveled gallery mount. You can hang them on a wall or order a wrought iron stand to compliment this perfect gift for any proud grandparent or Aunt and Uncle! And you can get them up to a 36x48!!


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