The moment she realized....

This is going to sound awful, but I enjoy photographing my children the LEAST! Terrible, huh? Well if you are a photographer with children, you probably understand why I am saying this. Before I go any further, please allow me to redeem myself for a moment. I LOVE my children, please do not mistake what I am saying. They are my first inspiration for this passion that drives me. That being said, THEY DON'T COOPERATE WITH ME! haha! Just because I can take beautiful pictures of other peoples children doesn't mean they will let me take beautiful pictures of them. Ask me when was the last time I had a family photo.... uhhhh, yep...been a loooonnnng time!

Now to the point of my post. My Rowie-girl will be 6 in December. It was just this past August that she finally realized "my mom's a photographer". I don't know that she ever realized what I was really doing when I would leave with my camera and be gone for hours...but when it hit her...ohhhh man! "Momma, I wanna do a photo shoot, let's do one now, now? how about now?" Oh my, she was relentless. But when she put on her too too and her pink cowgirl boots and decided that the best way for me to photograph her was while doing what she loves best, there couldn't have been a better quiet moment to capture her. Coloring is one of her favorite quiet times. I often wonder if she will do something artistic like her mom one day. I hope I will always remember going forward to capture these types of photo shoots with her...I couldn't ask for better memories. 

This is Rowan outside prior to her deciding that she likes to be photographed best while coloring!


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