The American child photographers Charity Guild - Practicing the Art of Giving Back

Photo Courtesy of ACPCG
Becoming a part of something....doing something with purpose, we are all molded to do something great with our lives. It's even in the smallest things. I have always believed it is best to give more than we receive, something I hope I can pass along to my own children. With children as my first focus in photography, I would like share with you something very near and dear to me. The American Child Photographers Charity Guild A non-profit, volunteer based organization of child photographers from all over the country who all have one common goal... practicing the art of giving back, a guild dedicated to children in need and their families. This service allows parents with critically ill children to have very precious moments captured through photography that would otherwise be lost do to time or lack of resources. There are no fees for this service and the photographer will come to your home or hospital. We understand that in many circumstances time is crucial and will do whatever possible to accommodate the  families we serve.

I am very honored and proud to share that I have been accepted into The American Child Photographers Charity Guild. I am equally humbled that the families I serve and will serve trust me to be a part of a very sensitive time in their lives. It is a blessing to be a part of something so delicate and I ask that if you know of any families that are in need of these services you contact myself or The ACPCG immediately.


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