A fight worth Fighting

On January 27th a phone call came in that I didn't think would ever happen to me. "Sis, it's mom, can you get your sisters on the phone on three-way right away?" I knew in my heart at that moment that all the fears we had leading up to this very moment were about to be forced into reality. "We got the results back...I have breast cancer." It's too easy to look away when it's not your mom. I think often times we actually will turn our heads when we hear of someone suffering.
But in darkest of times I feel we have a chance to find our greatest strength. The strength of family. Commitment to family. The day we give up this fight will be the day we get the call "I am in remission"
These photos were taking during my visit to my mother recently. When I got off the plane she had all her hair, but by the second day of my visit I sat with her head in my lap and slowly pulled out each strand to relieve the pain on her head. The result is what you see...
She is stunning. She is a fighter. She has life....


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